Watershed Agreement

The Chesapeake Bay Program is guided by the goals and outcomes of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement. Signed by the Chesapeake Executive Council on June 16, 2014, this agreement commits our partners to protecting and restoring the Bay, its tributaries and the lands that surround them.

Goals and Outcomes

The Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement includes ten goals. Each goal is linked to a set of time-bound, measurable targets called outcomes. These goals and outcomes are interrelated: improvements in water quality can mean healthier fish and shellfish; the conservation of land can mean more habitat for wildlife; and a boost in environmental literacy can mean a rise in stewards of the Bay’s resources. Our environment is a system, and this agreement will support public health and the health of the watershed as a whole.

To learn more about a goal, its outcomes or the strategies we will use to achieve these outcomes, click the links below.